WRHS 2019 Marching Program Music "The Coven"


The Coven - Music

The Coven - Practice Tracks


WRHS Stadium Music


Blue Devils Warm-Up

WRHS Warm Up

Stand Jams

Shorties #21

Hip Hop Hooks

Stadium Jams Vol. 10

Hey Song



Smoke on the Water

Taken Care of Business

Low Rider


Fight Song 

Salute to Americas Finest

Star Spangled Banner

WRHS School Hymn (Alma Mater)


* 2019 WRHS Marching Percussion Ensemble Handbook

(Battery & Front Ensemble)


WRHS 2019 Drill

Coven Drill - Coming Soon

Pre-Game, Warm-Up and Fundie Drill - Coming Soon


WRHS 2019 Visual Notes & Videos

Choreography Tutorials




Links and Resources

Marching at the DCI Level

DCI: 2013 Carolina Crown e=mc2 Championship Run

DCI: 2013 Blue Coats To Look for America - Rehearsal

DCI: 2014 Blue Coats Tilt - Finals Rehearsal

Marching at the WGI Level

WGI: 2015 Aimachi Wintergaurd

WGI: 2015 Onyx Cloud Works - Finals

WGI: 2015 Rhythm X When One Door Closes - Finals

Marching at the BOA Level

WGA: 2014 Ayala High School Marching Band

BOA: Broken Arrow High School Marching Band FACEme - Grand Nationals Send Off

Fundamentals at the Drum Corps Level

2010 Blue Devils Marching Warm-Up -- check out the backwards marching technique.
2009 Carolina Crown Visual Warm-Up -- Incredible posture.
2009 Santa Clara Vanguard -- Now THAT'S a horns-up!!