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Links and resources to help you have a successful marching experience! 

Marching at the DCI Level

DCI: 2013 Carolina Crown e=mc2 Championship Run

DCI: 2013 Blue Coats To Look for America - Rehearsal

DCI: 2014 Blue Coats Tilt - Finals Rehearsal

Marching at the WGI Level

WGI: 2015 Aimachi Wintergaurd

WGI: 2015 Onyx Cloud Works - Finals

WGI: 2015 Rhythm X When One Door Closes - Finals

Marching at the BOA Level

WGA: 2014 Ayala High School Marching Band

BOA: Broken Arrow High School Marching Band FACEme - Grand Nationals Send Off

Fundamentals at the Drum Corps Level

2010 Blue Devils Marching Warm-Up -- check out the backwards marching technique.
2009 Carolina Crown Visual Warm-Up -- Incredible posture.
2009 Santa Clara Vanguard -- Now THAT'S a horns-up!!