Orlando Music Trip 2022
For our trip to Orlando in March 2022. Students that wish to guarantee their roommate selections will need to have all 4 students request the same 4 people (ex. Sam, Bob, Joe, and Tom will each need to request each other). We will try to honor as many requests as possible beginning with your first request (in other words, make your first request the person you want to room with most). *Due 3pm Friday, Dec. 10*

This will be the process we follow when filling requests:
1. Search out the groups of 4 that have requested each other.
2. Search out pairs that have requested each other.
3. Finish filling in rooms with remaining requests beginning with those that made their requests first.
4. Make certain you fill out with the last name, first name format. Sorting these requests alphabetically will help us honor your requests more accurately.
Parents and any other interested adults, Attached is the chaperone application for our Orlando trip. Please fill it out and return by Friday, April 16. Note that this is the same date as deposits and registrations are due. However, please do not register or pay deposits at this time. We need time to determine how many adults are needed to travel with us and will communicate with everyone by Monday, May 3. At that time, if selected, you can get registered and make your deposit. The tour company will have a list of approved adults traveling. Know that these selections are preliminary. It's likely we will add more adults in the fall. Our advice, if not initially selected, is to save up and plan for the possibility. How are you selected you might ask? First, we give preference to senior parents and those who have traveled with us in the past. After that we look to see who has medical experience. We like to have at least 1 adult for every 10 students traveling.

Below Documents Coming Soon

The How to Guide on Trip Behavior

Pre-Trip Meeting Notes (TBD)

Chaperone/Sponsor Duty

What Will We Be Doing?

Rooming Information

In the Event of an Emergency, What Do We Do!?