Documents for Parents and Other Trip Goers

The How to Guide on Trip Behavior

Pre-Trip Meeting Notes (TBD

Chaperone/Sponsor Duty

What will we be doing in Florida?

What Bus Do I Ride to KCI & Orlando?

Flight Information?

Rooming Information

In the Event of an Emergency, What Do We Do!?


Trip Update (3/12):

If your son or daughter has prescription medication needing to be distributed by our nurses on the trip, get a head start and print/fill out this form for tonight and bring (just the form - not the meds). We do not need to know about any OTC or non-narcotic medications.  

Medication Form

Administration would like for our luggage to be inspected by the Sheriff's Dept. as in the past. TSA screening will be an additional precaution. ALL students will need to have their luggage at the school by 4pm Wednesday (3/14). School security will monitor the room before and after the K-9 unit arrives until we do at 3am. That way everyone can be assured their items are safe. Plan accordingly for your packing. Some of you were likely planning to pack the night before. That is now Tuesday! Adult chaperones, feel free to bring your luggage ahead of time or on the departure morning.

Trip Itinerary (3/5):

Latest Trip Itinerary 

Trip Update (3/5):

Orlando Trip DVD Info
Take a moment to get this free app. Keep track of the username and password as listed. Everyone has until March 29 to upload pics but start as soon as we depart. You can upload as much as you want but duplicates will be removed and preference will be to groups of people with stuff in the background. Your parents want to see you...not 500 pics of the castle.

Trip Update - Cool App for Orlando (3/1):

Going with us to Orlando? If yes, take some time to download the Remind app (Remind 101), so that you can stay-"tuned" to what is going! 

Trip Update (2/10):

Remember, the deadline for spending money requests is 3/1 to Mrs. Davis. We'll have checks cut by 3/8. It is then your responsibility to get prepaid debit cards, traveler's checks or cash for the trip. The only meals you'll need to cover are 4 lunches and 1 dinner. Everything else is part of the package. I estimate you'll need ~$50 to cover that. If you want more for spending cash, you may request but I would also advise leaving a balance in your accounts for future travel and bandwear (unless you're a senior)

Essential details (1/18):

1. Trip will be Thurs. March 15 - Mon. March 19 -- 2018
2. Plan for cost between $1800 and $2000 (chaperone costs are slightly higher due to admission, etc and may have additional costs if planning to have a single or double room).
3. We have 5 positions that have full or partial cost coverage. Drivers for luggage/equip (2) and overnight chaperones (3). Details will be shared at our spring meeting (date to be determined).


Trip Updates (1/16)

For those parents interested, it's confirmed we're staying at the Disney All Star Music Resort. Some of you were looking to make reservations and shadow us. I don't have contact info yet, you'll need to google. Updated itinerary will be available about 30 days prior to trip (approx. Feb. 15). Flight times and numbers will be available prior to that. BOLO.